The Caddo Parish District Attorney has drawn a bead on area residents who have defrauded local businesses by writing bad checks.

Starting in mid-September, a pair of Caddo Parish sheriff’s deputies contracted by the DA have begun the process of tracking down the writers of almost 100 bad checks, in order to serve summonses for these people to pay up and answer for their crimes.

Since September 20, Deputy Ed Rawls and Cpl. Marcus Green have been tracking down the people who wrote the bad checks, and who usually aren’t at their last known address or the address on the piece of paper the merchant was left holding when their goods went out the door.

“We had a backlog of cases that needed a summons served,” said Pam Auttonberry with the DA’s Hot Checks Division. The deputies “are doing a great job and have worked about 20 cases so far. They both have about 10 cases each they are now working on. This will continue until all the cases have all been worked.”

People who know they have written a bad check and don’t want to wait for a knock on the door or a public incident with a deputy serving the summons can come to the Caddo District Attorney’s Hot Checks Division to make good. The Division is at 525 Marshall St., Suite 200, in downtown Shreveport, and can be reached by calling (318) 226-6556.
Warrants for arrest will be sought for those who refuse or avoid service, or fail to contact the DA’s office.