A Shreveport man convicted in Caddo District Court Wednesday, October 12, 2016, faces a sentence of close to two centuries if he receives the maximum sentence for his crime when he returns to be sentenced later this month.

A four-man eight-woman jury took just over 90 minutes to unanimously return a guilty-as-charged verdict on a charge of armed robbery for Charles Edward Mays Jr., 42, in Judge Ramona Emanuel’s courtroom.

“He is a multi-offender (with a ) prior attempted armed robbery,” said Assistant District Attorney John Aaron Crawford, who prosecuted the case with fellow ADA William Gaskins. The sentence for armed robbery normally is 10 to 99 years, but “if he is successfully multi-billed it can be up to double the maximum.”

The robbery occurred April 25, 2015 at the Circle K at the intersection of Jefferson-Paige and Pines roads in west Shreveport. Store video showed Mays going behind the counter where he shoved a gun wrapped in a bandanna into the clerk’s neck. He then took around $150 from the cash register and left. Crime scene investigators dusted for fingerprints that later were matched with Mays’ prints.

Mays will return to face Emanuel for sentencing October 26