The Caddo Parish Grand Jury returned true bills Thursday, November 17, 2016, against two men, one a resident of Shreveport, the other a Californian.

Both indictments are under seal due to the ages of the victims or the nature of the crime.

The men, and the crimes with which they are charged, are:

Jerome Jaroid Richardson, 22, of Shreveport, charged with one count of first-degree rape. His bond is set at $1 million.

Ephraim Lemuel Wilson, 42, of Chula Vista, California, charged with first-degree rape of a victim under age 13, sexual battery of a victim under age 13, indecent behavior with juveniles under age 13 and pornography involving a juvenile under age 13. His bond totals to $800,000.

Both men are in custody and are incarcerated at Caddo Correctional Center pending court action. People with information about either of these men and their alleged criminal activities should call Shreveport Police detectives.