Soon Caddo Parish drivers could get a ticket if their windows are too dark. This comes after the Sheriff’s Office announced it will be on the lookout for windows darker than the legal limit.

“When you pull up next to someone and they’re hiding, you don’t know what they’re doing,” said Sheriff Steve Prator. [He has] ordered deputies 80 window tint meters at $50. They will start issuing tickets on August 1st.

Prator continued, “It’s intimidating to others. It’s unsafe if you try to back up at night and use your rear view mirrors. If you have dark tinted windows and you don’t have a valid reason for having them, we are going to stop you. It’s a primary offense. We can stop you for that.”

Deputies say they are looking for vehicles that are so dark that they can’t see who’s inside.  But, ultimately it’s up to the consumer to decide how dark they want their windows tinted.

River City Tint, located in Shreveport, is willing to work with drivers to replace a tint that is too dark and choose a tint that is within the legal limit. Vehicle owners can have the legality of their window tint checked Monday through Friday, 8:00 am – 5:00pm at the Caddo Sheriff’s Substations at 4901 N. Market St. in Shreveport, at 11141 Highway 1 North in Oil City, and at 9956 Mansfield Road in Keithville.

The fine for a tint violation is $213.

via KSLA News 12