A Shreveport man with a long criminal history released from prison early on a prior conviction was found guilty of second-degree battery in a trial Wednesday, April 18, 2018 in Caddo District Court.

Calvin Lee Broadway, 62, was convicted as a habitual offender in 1995 and received a life sentence, a term later reduced to 50 years at hard labor. In early June 2017, less than two years after his release from prison, he got into an argument with a 51-year-old female acquaintance, battering her to the extent she required hospitalization and staples and stitches in her head.

In his trial Wednesday in District Judge Ramona Emanuel’s court, Broadway was convicted by the four-woman, two-man jury, which heard witness testimony and the fruits of work by District Attorney Investigators Johnny Walker and L.J. Scott and Victim Advocate Stephanie Mosely. The verdict was returned after 23 minutes of deliberation.

Prosecutors were William Gaskins and Joshua K. Williams. Broadway was defended by Alonzo Jackson and Savannah Meshell.

Broadway has two prior simple robbery and two prior burglary convictions, as well as more than 20 misdemeanor convictions dating back to the 1970s. Due to this criminal history, prosecutors plan to seek enhanced sentencing as a multiple offender.

He will return to Judge Emanuel’s courtroom May 21, 2018, to obtain a setting and for arguments and hearings in other pending cases.