The Caddo Parish District Attorney has declined to review the February 5, 2019 death of a Shreveport man during an armed confrontation with a Shreveport police officer in early February.

“The Caddo Parish Coroner having found the death of Anthony Childs to be a suicide and there being no evidence to the contrary, the Caddo Parish District Attorney’s office will not make a formal review of this matter,” Caddo Parish D.A. James E. Stewart Sr. stated. “The file will be returned to the Shreveport Police Department.”

Caddo Parish Coroner Dr. Todd G. Thoma’s investigation showed that forensic evidence was consistent with a self-inflicted gunshot wound to the chest.

On the afternoon of February 5, 2019, Anthony Childs, 31, was involved in an armed confrontation with Shreveport Police officer Treveion Brooks near the intersection of Hollywood Avenue and Kennedy Drive. Officer Brooks attempted to detain Childs, who fled, and when confronted by the officer, produced a handgun. During this confrontation, Mr. Childs shot himself in the chest.

The confrontation continued and a total of nine shots were fired. Forensic evidence was consistent with eight shots being fired by Officer Brooks, three of which struck Mr. Childs, each fired at a distant range and nonlethal. The self-inflicted gunshot wound to Mr. Childs chest was a near-contact wound and was the fatal shot. Autopsy results showed the presence of both marijuana and methamphetamine metabolites in Mr. Childs’ blood.

The determination was made through forensic evidence, autopsy results, police camera video and audio, the testimony of Shreveport Police officer Trevion Brooks, other responding officers and eyewitness testimony.