The Caddo Parish Grand Jury determined that six law-enforcement officers who fired on a man in April after a high-speed chase and several violent encounters were justified in their actions.

On June 27, 2019, the jury returned a no-true-bill with regard to the April 10, 2019, death of Trivensky Odom.

Odom, 27, led law enforcement officers from the Caddo Parish Sheriff’s Office, Shreveport Police Department and Louisiana State Police on a high-speed chase through Caddo Parish and Shreveport. Before the chase, Odom met with his brother and a friend, shooting the friend in a leg twice and holding the gun to his brother’s head, then stealing his brother’s vehicle. Odom then drove to a cousin’s home, where he kicked in a door and struck a pregnant woman in the face. He then called his brother and told him he planned to drive to Texas to kill his pregnant girlfriend, their child and himself.

Odom then drove to an aunt and uncle’s home and demanded entry. Sheriff’s deputies responded and tried to reason with Odom, but he ignored their commands and the high-speed chase began. During that chase Odom waved his weapon out of the vehicle, pointed it at law officers and at his own head, and fired the gun at civilians and at his brother’s residence. Also during the chase, Odom sideswiped a civilian vehicle causing damage and almost ran over two children riding a go-kart.

The chase ended at Greenwood Road and Jewella Avenue after an almost-hourlong chase that encompasses almost 50 miles, after officers deployed spike strips and ordered Odom to stop and surrender.

When Odom failed to comply, the six officers fired their weapons at Odom to protect themselves and citizens that were in the area. Odom died as a result. The Grand Jury reviewed the matter and returned No True Bills with regard to all six officers.Officers no-true-billed for fatal April shooting