A Shreveport man accused of a slew of violent domestic charges was found guilty on all counts Wednesday, July 24, 2019, in Caddo District Court.

Radrarean Tremell West, 30, faced five separate charges, whose combined penalties mean he could serve up to 29 years in prison and pay fines totalling as much as $33,000 when he returns to District Judge Katherine Dorroh’s courtroom August 14, 2019, for sentencing. On top of that, prior to the commencement of the trial, West pleaded guilty to a felony charge of convicted felon in possession of a firearm, whose penalty could add at least five and up to 20 years to his sentence, as well as an additional fine of $1,000 to $5,000.

West was charged with illegal possession of weapon while in possession of a controlled dangerous substance, resisting a police officer with force or violence, domestic abuse aggravated assault with child endangerment, aggravated battery and second offense domestic abuse battery with child endangerment.

The eight-woman, four-man jury, which deliberated just over an hour, heard that on June 25, 2018, West returned home to his wife and infant child, striking his wife in the face, pulling her hair, pushing her and pointing a firearm at her while threatening to kill her as he placed the gun to her head, pistol-whipping her and preventing her from fleeing. His wife managed to push past him, grabbed their child and fled to a neighbor’s apartment for help. Caddo Sheriff’s deputies responded and West resisted arrest. Deputies found his loaded .45-caliber Ruger semi-automatic pistol, as well as marijuana and methamphetamines.

West has a prior 2016 conviction for domestic abuse battery on his wife, as well as a prior felony conviction in 2009 for attempted possession with intent to distribute a controlled dangerous substance.

West was prosecuted by Assistant District Attorneys Nancy Berger-Schneider and Jason Waltman. He was defended by David McClatchey.