A Shreveport woman received a 35-year prison sentence Tuesday, August 13, 2019, after pleading guilty as a multiple offender in Caddo District Court.

Theresa Fondell Ealy, 54, also known as Theresa Puryear, was sentenced by Caddo District Judge Katherine Dorroh. Judge Dorroh could have sentenced Ealy to a life sentence, but the pleading was arranged to give Ealy what will be, at her age, effectively a life sentence and was in accordance with the wishes of her victim, who wanted her to be shown leniency.

Ealy pleaded guilty in March to pouring hot cooking oil over the victim, her boyfriend, while he slept at his residence. The burns he suffered covered large parts of his body, greatly affecting his vision and hearing. That attack occurred April 17, 2018.

Ealy has a history of violent domestic attacks against several victims. She was arrested in 2009 for stabbing her most recent victim and was convicted in 2014 for a brutal attack on him with a shovel that nearly killed him. She also has a 1986 manslaughter conviction and a 2015 domestic second-degree battery conviction for an attack on another romantic partner, whom she stabbed numerous times with a screwdriver while he slept.

In addition to those convictions, she has convictions for unauthorized entry of an inhabited dwelling and felony possession of scheduled narcotics.

The case, No. 357275, was prosecuted by Caddo Parish District Attorney Special Victims Unit Assistant District Attorneys Sam Crichton and Britney A. Green. Ealy was defended by David McClatchey.