A Shreveport man convicted in April for his part in high-profile burglaries in Southern Hills was sentenced Monday, September 16, 2019, to 24 years in prison.

Calvin Wayne Horton Jr., 29, was convicted in Caddo District Court April 10, 2019 of simple burglary of an inhabited dwelling. However, the state moved to seek enhanced sentencing for Horton as a second-felony habitual offender. Horton previously had been convicted, in January 2015, of simple burglary of an inhabited dwelling. District Judge John D. Mosely Jr. sentenced Horton to two dozen years behind bars at hard labor.

Horton was convicted in connection with the burglary of a residence in the 3000 block of Burson Drive. It was one of several burglaries, during the course of which several dogs were killed. The burglary for which Horton was convicted did not result in the death of a dog, however. His case was Docket No. 357463.

Horton was prosecuted by Alexandra Porubsky and Treneisha Hill. He was defended by Michelle AndrePont.