Caddo Parish District Attorney James E. Stewart Sr. will pursue armed robbery charges against a Shreveport teen in connection with a robbery that occurred this past weekend on the Centenary College campus.

Caddo Juvenile Court Judge Paul Young determined in a continued custody hearing Wednesday, February 5, 2020, that there was probable cause for a lesser charge of unauthorized use of movable with regard to 16-year-old Cadon Lafitte and a 13-year-old accomplice. Caddo Parish Assistant District Attorney David Newell objected to the ruling.

Under the Louisiana Children’s Code, CHC 305, any defendant age 15 or older can be prosecuted in adult court for certain felonies, including armed robbery. So despite Judge Young’s ruling, DA Stewart plans to upgrade the charge to armed robbery, which as a crime of violence will enable the older defendants’ case to be taken out of juvenile court and for him to be charged as an adult in Caddo Parish District Court.

The Juvenile Court heard testimony Wednesday from two Shreveport Police officers, Corporal Casey Thompson and Corporal Sabrina Dallas. Thompson testified she was dispatched to the call late Sunday, February 2, 2020, and interviewed the victim, who said his vehicle was taken at gunpoint. Video was introduced that showed Cadon Lafitte pulling on door handles at Centenary with one or two other youths. As the victim pulled in, one youth pulled a gun and the group approached the victim. After the victim ran off, one of the offenders went back to the road and obtained a bag, then all got into the vehicle.

Officer Dallas testified that on the following afternoon, Monday, February 3, the stolen vehicle was spotted. As officers approached, its occupants sped off, with police in pursuit. The occupants, Cadon Lafitte and the 13-year-old defendant, were detained, then charged by arresting officers with carjacking, aggravated flight from an officer and illegal possession of a stolen thing.