A local man accused of a kidnapping and attempted armed robbery just over a year ago pleaded guilty in Caddo District Court Wednesday, October 12, 2022, even as the jury for his trial was being selected.

Shreveporter Kdeaydrain D. Ardis, 23, charged with kidnapping and attempting to rob an acquaintance September 1, 2021, pleaded guilty in District Judge Donald Hathaway’s court, to which he will return November 29, 2022 for sentencing. Ardis faces prison terms of up to 5 years with or without hard labor for the simple kidnapping and up to 49-1/2 years at hard labor for the attempted armed robbery.

On that September day, Ardis encountered his 61-year-old victim, who he knew through a previous family business deal. Ardis demanded money from his victim, who refused on the ground he did not have the money on him at the time to give. Ardis then forced the victim into his own vehicle to go to  bank to make the withdrawal, holding a gun on the victim the entire drive. During the drive, the victim realized Ardis did not know where he banked, so he headed for Shreveport Police headquarters in the hope of encountering an officer.

Spotting a Shreveport City Marshal deputy driving a marked unit, the victim cut off the marshal’s car and jumped out of his vehicle, alerting the marshal. The marshal confronted Ardis, who was in the passenger’s seat of the victim’s car. The handgun used in the crime and a magazine of ammunition was taken into evidence and Ardis was arrested.

Ardis was prosecuted by Assistant District Attorneys Courtney N. Ray and Bryce Kinley, He was defended by Sean Landry.