A man who pleaded guilty this summer to abusing his 5-month-old daughter was sentenced this week in Caddo District Court to serve a decade in prison at hard labor.

Tyshun Washington, 34, was sentenced to the prison term for second-degree cruelty to a juvenile by Caddo District Judge Donald Hathaway Jr. Wednesday, October 19, 2022. On August 18, 2022, just four days before his trial was to begin, Washington pleaded guilty with sentencing to be up to the court following a pre-sentence investigation.

Washington was the sole caregiver for the victim in December 2020 when the juvenile received life threatening injuries that included a skull fracture, multiple brain bleeds, brain swelling, severe dehydration and fractured ribs. Washington did not seek medical care for the child, who was taken to a hospital only when other family members came to check on the child. The girl was not expected to survive her injuries, but has been taken off life support and has improved while not reaching age-appropriate life milestones.

Washington was prosecuted by Assistant District Attorney Courtney N. Ray. He was defended by Edward Mouton.