A Shreveport man with a criminal record, convicted of firearms charges in December 2022, has been sentenced to the maximum prison terms allowed by law.

Marcus Randall Williams, 37, was sentenced January 5, 2023 by Caddo District Judge Chris Victory to 10 years in prison at hard labor without benefit of probation, parole or suspension of sentence. This resulted from his December 13, 2022 conviction for attempted possession of a firearm or carrying a concealed weapon by a person convicted of domestic abuse battery. He also was ordered to serve 2-1/2 years hard labor and pay a fine of $2,500 for conviction of attempted possession of stolen firearms. The terms are to be served concurrently.

Williams, who has a 2019 conviction for domestic abuse aggravated assault, had been stopped by police for a traffic violation on March 3, 2021. Officers noticed a strong odor of marijuana while talking to Williams, who admitted to using marijuana just prior to the stop. Searching the vehicle, officers found a Phoenix handgun in the back seat. The gun had been reported stolen out of Mansfield.

Williams was prosecuted by Assistant District Attorneys Victoria Washington and Terry Pittman Jr. He was defended by Michael Enright and Dave Knadler.