A Shreveport man who robbed a local couple and fired shots at them and their vehicle as they fled was found guilty in Caddo District Court Friday, February 17, 2023.

Isaiah Malick Childs, 25, was found responsively guilty of first-degree robbery by the five-man, seven-woman jury in District Judge Ramona Emanuel’s court after 70 minutes of deliberation. The verdict was unanimous.

On February 4, 2018, Childs inquired on a Facebook group about purchasing a backpack from his female victim, and after discussion suggested she meet him in the 1400 block of Andrew Avenue, in the Allendale neighborhood. The victim, her husband and their children drove to the specified address. After getting the backpack, Childs inquired about buying a wallet as well. As the woman turned around from getting the wallet out of the vehicle, Childs put a gun to her head, snatched the wallet and demanded other items. Childs pointed the gun at the husband as well, at which point the woman jumped back in the car to lay on top of her children to protect them. That was when the husband sped off in the car, Childs firing his weapon four times as they fled. One shot struck the vehicle.

Childs was identified by the victim and her husband at trial. Upon conviction, he was remanded by the court.

When Childs returns to court March 28, 2023, he faces imprisonment at hard labor for not less than three years and up to 40 years, without benefit of parole, probation or suspension of sentence.

Childs was prosecuted by Assistant District Attorneys Senae D. Hall and  Brittany B. Arvie. He was defended by Public Defenders Katherine Ferguson, Royal Alexander and Evan McMichael.