The Caddo Parish Grand Jury returned seven indictments, including sex crime charges against two juveniles, in its session that ended Thursday, June 22, 2023.


One man, Devin Porter Jr., 20, of Shreveport, was the target of three indictments, encompassing 22 separate counts for criminal acts allegedly  committed in late March.


Topping the charges against him is one count of second-degree murder, in connection with the March 25, 2023 gunshot death of Jacorvin Taylor. Mr. Taylor, 32, was one of seven people fired upon by Porter in a shooting spree that occurred in the early morning hours on Texas Street in downtown Shreveport.


Counts two through seven in the first indictment, docket No. 394551, are for attempted second-degree murder in connection with the other injuries caused in the gunfire spree.


Count eight in this indictment is for aggravated flight from an officer, when he failed to bring his vehicle to a stop upon command from a police officer.


In the second indictment against him, docket No. 395986, Porter faces 13 counts topped by illegal possession of stolen things, namely a stolen car used in the commission of the shooting spree, aggravated obstruction of a highway of commerce, and illegal use of weapons. The remaining 10 counts encompass damage to vehicles during the shooting spree.


The third indictment against Porter, docket No. 395987, consists of one count, resisting an officer.


Also indicted for second-degree murder, docket No. 394218, is 19-year-old Natoya Dixon, charged with the March 5, 2023 slaying of Tyniece Haley. Haley, 18, was shot in the parking lot of a skating business on Bert Kouns Industrial Loop after the business had closed for the day. A group of people had reportedly met there to fight.


Two juveniles, determined through judicial process to have probable cause to be tried in adult court after continued custody hearings, are Miguel Foret and Truman Krantz, each charged with first-degree rape.


Finally, a secret indictment was handed up by the grand jury. Due to the nature of the charges and other considerations, further details of the last three indictments were filed under seal.