A Caddo District Court judge has sided with Caddo Parish District Attorney James E. Stewart Sr. and has vacated the seat of Caddo Parish School Board District 7 member Barbara Iverson, citing domicile issues.


District Judge Brady O’Callaghan issued his ruling Thursday, June 29, 2023, following a hearing with both parties June 21, 2023. Assistant District Attorney Tommy Johnson represented DA Stewart, while Iverson represented herself.


Judge Callaghan determined that state law required the elected official to maintain her domicile in the district she represents, but that facts, evidence and her own statements in that regard showed she maintained her domicile in Bossier City. DA Stewart’s suit was filed June 2, 2023, as mandated under state law, after a voter in the affected school district filed a complaint regarding Iverson’s domiciliary status.


Iverson can appeal the decision to the Louisiana Second Circuit Court of Appeal.


The suit was docket No. 644261. A copy of Judge O’Callaghan’s decision is attached.