A man charged with the battery of an elderly woman pleaded guilty to the charge Monday, July 24, 2023 in Caddo District Court.


Eric Holden Jr., 22, pleaded guilty to the attack that occurred August 31, 2022.


Holden pleaded guilty before District Judge Chris Victory to the charge of aggravated second-degree battery and was sentenced to six years at hard labor with a permanent protective order in favor of the victim.


Early August 31, 2022, officers were dispatched to South Land Avenue in Oil City on reports that an elderly woman was bleeding from her head. On arrival, officers found the 72-year-old victim sitting on her front porch with a head injury, while a man later identified as Holden stood on the porch yelling at her. The victim informed officers that Holden grew angry with her after she requested he take off her tennis shoes and threw a cell phone at her head, causing her injuries. Holden provided inconsistent explanations regarding the victim’s injuries and was arrested.


Holden was prosecuted by Assistant District Attorney Terry Pittman Jr. He was defended by Michael Enright.

The case was docket No. 391102.