Students set to graduate Caddo Parish District Attorney’s Office
Summer Youth Leadership Academy
Shreveport, LA – Caddo Parish middle school students are set to graduate the Inaugural Caddo Parish District Attorney’s Office Children’s Leadership Academy, today, Friday, July 21 at 1:30 p.m. The ceremony takes place in Judge John Mosely’s courtroom, at the Caddo Parish Courthouse, downtown at 525 Texas Street.
The Caddo Parish District Attorney’s Office in partnership with Shreveport Community Renewal Friendship House hosted the first of its kind, week-long leadership academy, encouraging students to dream and fulfill a productive future. Students also learned leadership skills, the inner workings of the judicial system and were enriched through art and culture.
The goal of the academy is to encourage children to dream and take control of their destiny and become knowledgeable of the court system. The judicial system can be intimidating, and most people only see one side of the system, the side where someone’s having to be defended.
“We are showing the children positive images, and letting them know they too can achieve and become the doctor, the lawyer, and even the judge,” says Brittney Green, Assistant District Attorney and Headmaster of the Academy, “We want our children to know they are the captain of their own destiny!”
The Academy is the vision of Caddo Parish District Attorney James Stewart. “My desire is to inspire young people in our community to continue to make good decisions,” says DA Stewart.
With the mantra, “I attract what I expect, reflect what I desire, become what I respect, and mirror what I admire,” students are taking the helm and charting their own destiny for a better Caddo Parish.