A Shreveport man charged with forcefully resisting arrest with violence and cursing officers who attempted to detain him, was convicted in Caddo District Court Thursday, September 21, 2023.


The three-woman, three-man jury in District Judge Chris Victory’s court found David Windham, 36, guilty as charged on two counts of resisting with force or violence in connection with an offense that occurred December 8, 2020.


On that day, Ward 3 constables were returning from a Fraternal Order of Police officers meeting when their vehicle was nearly struck by Windham’s vehicle. Windham was speeding, driving erratically and moving in-and-out of the lane. Eventually Windham’s vehicle came to a stop. The constables exited their car and identified themselves as law officers, at which point Windham said “Constables? (Expletive) the constables” and shoved one of the officers. He then attempted to flee in his vehicle, dragging one  constable a distance and hitting the other with the car door. Eventually, the constable in the vehicle was able to get the vehicle into park.


When Windham returns to Judge Victory’s court October 12, 2023, he faces up to three years in prison, with additional exposure as a habitual offender.


Windham was prosecuted by Assistant District Attorneys Sam Crichton and Michael Anderson. He was defended by Dave Knadler and Stephen Folk-Cruthirds.


The case was docket No. 380099.