CADDO PARISH, LA – The Caddo Grand Jury returned two no true bills in two officer involved shootings on Thursday, December 14.


Shreveport Police Officers Anthony Visciotti, Daniel Denby and Terri Simmons were all cleared in the shooting death of Joseph Taylor. The incident happened back on April 23, 2023 during a traffic stop at Mansfield Road and Valley View Drive.



Officers in the shooting death of Robert A. Diamond were also cleared. Shreveport Police Officers Joseph McNally and David McClure weren’t charged in the shooting that took place on Old River Drive back on May 29, 2023.



Police body camera videos in both cases are being released.



Taylor was apprehended during a traffic stop, after he refused to exit his car after multiple request by police.  Officers attempted to remove Taylor from his car he ran, and a tussle between Taylor and the officers ensued.

Taylor was armed with a glock gun with an extended magazine, and a glock switch which makes it a fully automatic weapon. Taylor was tased by one officer, but he continue to struggle with police. Officers attempted to get Taylor’s hands to release the weapon. Taylor did not comply and was fatally shot. DNA results on Taylor’s weapon indicated the probability of finding the same DNA profile if DNA had come from a randomly-selected individual other than Taylor was approximately 1 in 2.74 quintillion.



Officers responded to a 9-1-1 call to Diamond’s home. The call was placed by his wife, after he expressed to her suicidal ideations. He had allegedly relapsed after alcohol rehab. When officers arrived and entered the home, Diamond was drunk and armed with a gun, claiming “he was a dead man walking.” Officers requested Diamond to drop his weapon numerous times. He did not comply and was shot and died of his wound.

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