Two more teens will have cases tried in Caddo District Court and not in the juvenile system, Caddo District Attorney James E. Stewart announces.


Southern Armijo, 17,  is charged with attempted second-degree murder in connection with the January 26 stabbings of a fellow inmate at a juvenile halfway house in Shreveport.  Armijo, who is not from this area, was serving a juvenile sentence emanating from convictions in Concordia Parish at the time.


In a separate matter, 15-year-old Jutristyn Horace is charged with two counts of armed robbery.  Horace allegedly committed armed robberies at gunpoint on victims on January 1 and January 2 in downtown Shreveport.  Both victims described – and video surveillance  confirmed – Horace’s yellow croc shoes and ankle monitor from a previous juvenile court probation sentence.


Both defendants were ordered transferred from the Caddo Parish Juvenile Detention Center to Caddo Correctional Center pending trial by District Court Judge John D. Mosely, Jr.


The two are the second and third juveniles in Caddo Parish transferred by District Attorney Stewart to face prosecution as adults in 2024.  In 2023, 22 juveniles were transferred by the District Attorney to face prosecutions as adults in 2023.


The Louisiana Children’s Code, Article 305, provides for the divestiture of juvenile court jurisdiction upon review by the District Attorney for offenders aged 15 years or older for a number of criminal acts. A provision of the same code’s Article 879 further provides that all proceedings in a juvenile delinquency case involving a crime of violence as defined by the code must be open to the public.