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District Attorney318.226.6955318.226.5900
First Assistant318.226.6972318.226.6878
Section 1 - Judge Hathaway318.226.6828318.226.6878
Section 2 - Judge Mosely318.226.6829318.226.6878
Section 3 - Judge Victory318.226.6832318.226.6878
Section 4 - Judge Emanuel318.226.6877318.226.6878
Section 5 - Judge Waddell-Garrett318.226.6965318.226.6204
Administration Division318.226.6960318.226.5900
Appeals Division318.429.7618318.629.4300
Child Support Division318.226.6871318.226.6797
Homicide Screening Division318.226.5909318.226.5906
Hot Checks Division318.226.6560318.226.5905
Juvenile Division318.429.7647318.222.0025
Pretrial Diverson Division318.226.6968318.226.5905
Domestic Violence/Sex Crimes Special Victims Unit318.226.6200318.226.5906
Reception (Courthouse)318.226.6826318.226.6878
Supervising Secretary318.841.5520318.226.6878
Traffic Division318.226.6958318.226.5905
Victim Assistance Division318.226.5904318.841.4020

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Employee Directory

Administration DivisionLaNita CraytonSoftware/IT
Administration DivisionLaura K. RoyAdministrative Assistant
Administration DivisionAdam McGeeFile Clerk
Administration DivisionPatrick L. JohnsonFile Clerk
Administration DivisionArielle C. ClarkAdministrator
Administration DivisionPamela CooperAdministrative Assistant
Administration DivisionKristen DaRouseSecretary
Appeals DivisionRebecca A. EdwardsAssistant District Attorney
Appeals DivisionSuzanne M. EllisADA / Section Chief
Appeals DivisionTommy J. JohnsonAssistant District Attorney
Appeals DivisionJohn PhillipsAssistant District Attorney
Appeals DivisionAlexandra PorubskyAssistant District Attorney
Child Support DivisionJennifer WoodlandADA / Section Chief
Child Support DivisionElizabeth ByrdSecretary
Child Support DivisionBobbie J. FigaroSupervisor
Child Support DivisionBrian P. JoffrionAssistant District Attorney
Child Support DivisionJackie WinstonInvestigator
Child Support DivisionCharlcie D. GraySecretary
Child Support DivisionHilda M. BraggsSecretary
Child Support DivisionJanice PlayerSecretary
Child Support DivisionJeanette W. BrumfieldReceptionist
Child Support DivisionLisa JacksonSecretary
Child Support DivisionNena N. Richardson-LeeSecretary
Child Support DivisionPamela R. MitchellSecretary
Child Support DivisionSheron BlackSecretary
Child Support DivisionFreddricka RichardsonSecretary
Child Support DivisionClassy SpellmanSecretary
Criminal IntakeJennifer StengelComputer Operator
District AttorneyFloyd C. KirkseyCommunity Affairs
District AttorneyJames E. Stewart, Sr.District Attorney
District AttorneyRoxanne LinnearExecutive Secretary
District AttorneyWilbert D. PryorSpecial Assistant to the District Attorney
District AttorneyIvy WoodardPublic Information Officer
Domestic Violence/Sex Crimes Special Victims UnitRon C. StampsSection Chief
Domestic Violence/Sex Crimes Special Victims UnitBritney A. GreenSection Chief
Domestic Violence/Sex Crimes Special Victims UnitJennifer Garrett Secretary
Domestic Violence/Sex Crimes Special Victims UnitMoe CunninghamInvestigator
Domestic Violence/Sex Crimes Special Victims UnitKaTasha TerrellInvestigator
Domestic Violence/Sex Crimes Special Victims UnitStephanie MosleyVictim Coordinator
Domestic Violence/Sex Crimes Special Victims UnitSonja SmithInvestigator
First AssistantBill EdwardsSpecial Prosecutor
First AssistantChristopher S. BowmanSpecial Prosecutor
First AssistantKodie K. SmithSpecial Prosecutor
First AssistantLaShana HarrisInvestigator
First AssistantLaura W. FulcoFirst Assistant District Attorney
First AssistantTyler SheetsForensic Investigator
First AssistantLee ScottInvestigator
Homicide Screening DivisionMonique Y. MetoyerADA / Section Chief
Homicide Screening DivisionGregory T. JonesInvestigator
Homicide Screening DivisionPaul RobinsonInvestigator
Homicide Screening DivisionPaul RambinInvestigator
Homicide Screening DivisionAriel S. HillSecretary
Homicide Screening DivisionBill DuncanInvestigator
Juvenile DivisionAlicia DemossSecretary
Juvenile DivisionMegan JonesSecretary
Juvenile DivisionHelen MarrsAssistant District Attorney
Juvenile DivisionCharles ParrAssistant District Attorney
Juvenile DivisionAudie L. JonesADA / Section Chief
Juvenile DivisionAbril MeyersVictim Assistance Coordinator
Juvenile DivisionAleigha McWilliamsSecretary
Juvenile DivisionJacqueline JohnsonVictim Assistance Coordinator
Juvenile DivisionJanet L. SilvieAssistant District Attorney
Juvenile DivisionLashunga C. CoxSecretary
Juvenile DivisionMark W. MastersInvestigator
Juvenile DivisionJerry DeasonAssistant District Attorney
LiaisonThomas HenryLiason Officer
Pretrial Diversion DivisionApril JacksonPretrial Coordinator
Pretrial Diversion DivisionJennifer WilsonTraffic Secretary
Pretrial Diversion DivisionMichele GreenSecretary
Pretrial Diversion DivisionConsuella V. HensonPretrial Coordinator
Pretrial Diversion DivisionWilliam DouglasInvestigator
Reception (Courthouse)Sylvia DudleyReceptionist
ScanningChristy HughesScanning
Section 1 Judge HathawayJason W. WaltmanADA / Section Chief
Section 1 Judge HathawayBridgette RobertsSecretary
Section 1 Judge HathawayClinton KenleyAssistant District Attorney
Section 1 Judge HathawayCourtney RayAssistant District Attorney
Section 1 Judge HathawayHanna ToonSecretary
Section 2 Judge MoselyMekisha CrealADA / Section Chief
Section 2 Judge MoselyCheyenne WilsonAssistant District Attorney
Section 2 Judge MoselyReshonda JacksonSecretary
Section 2 Judge MoselyKendra JospehAssistant District Attorney
Section 2 Judge MoselyMalaysia ColemanSecretary
Section 3 Judge VictoryMiranda ChapmanSecretary
Section 3 Judge VictorySam CrichtonADA / Section Chief
Section 3 Judge VictoryKim WebbSecretary
Section 3 Judge VictoryT.J. PittmanAssistant District Attorney
Section 3 Judge VictoryVictoria WashingtonAssistant District Attorney
Section 4 Judge EmanuelFernando GriderAssistant District Attorney
Section 4 Judge EmanuelBrittany ArvieSection Chief
Section 4 Judge EmanuelSenae HallAssistant District Attorney
Section 4 Judge EmanuelKim SharpSecretary
Section 4 Judge EmanuelJennifer EvansSecretary/Floater
Section 5 Judge Waddell-GarrettDana WhiteSecretary
Section 5 Judge Waddell-GarrettErica N. JeffersonAssistant District Attorney
Section 5 Judge Waddell-GarrettMichael AndersonAssistant District Attorney
Section 5 Judge Waddell-GarrettLoren BillingsleySecretary
Section 5 Judge Waddell-GarrettRoss S. OwenSection Chief
Section SupervisorLoree AndrewsSection Secretarial Supervisor
Victim Assistance DivisionAnna TrammellVictim Assistance Coordinator
Victim Assistance DivisionLee BryantSecretary
Victim Assistance DivisionLeone B. FitzgeraldDirector
Victim Assistance DivisionAngela HorikawaVictim Assistance Coordinator
Victim Assistance DivisionKimberly SkylesVictim Assistance Coordinator
Victim Assistance DivisionLesley LacyVictim Assistance Coordinator

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