How can I have my criminal record expunged?

Contact a private attorney.

What is the Grand Jury? What if I want to contact the Grand Jury?

The Grand Jury consists of twelve persons selected at random from the jury venire list. The historic function of the grand jury was to guard against oppressive action by the government against a citizen by screening criminal allegations through a panel of ones peers prior to any charge actually being brought. In this state a charge which carries a possible penalty of life imprisonment or death must be brought through a grand jury indictment.

I have been called to serve on Jury Duty, can I get out of that obligation?

All questions or concerns regarding Jury Duty should be forwarded to the Jury Pool Coordinator at 318.429.7694.

I am a defendant and I don’t like the attorney who is representing me or I can’t get in touch with my attorney. Can I talk to an assistant district attorney about my case?

No. All Assistant District Attorneys are governed by a code of ethics which prevents them from speaking directly with any defendant who has an attorney. Therefore, any questions you have should be directed toward your attorney.

Can you provide me with legal advice or recommend a good attorney?

The District Attorney’s Office is not allowed to give legal advice or refer attorneys. Contact Northwest Louisiana Legal Services at 222-7186.

I am the victim of domestic violence and I want to drop charges against the defendant. Can I drop the charges?

Contact our Domestic Violence section at 226-6200.

How do I get a restraining order placed against someone?

If it is a domestic violence situation, call the YWCA Family Violence Center at 222-2217. If it is not a domestic violence situation, contact a private attorney.

Who decides what charges to file, and how do they make that decision?

An assistant district attorney reviews cases brought to the District Attorney’s Office by local law enforcement agencies. The attorney reviews the reports in light of current law and the evidence available to decide the appropriate filing decisions.

How do I report a crime?

All crime reports should be directed to the police agency in the area where the crime occurred. The District Attorney’s Office does not take crime reports. If the crime occurred within the city limits of Shreveport contact the Shreveport Police Department. If the crime occurred outside the city limits, contact the Caddo Parish Sheriff’s Office.

How do I get a copy of a police report?

Contact the police agency that created the report to obtain a copy. If you are a victim you should contact the Victim Assistance Section at 226-5904.

Where do I go to make a complaint about a problem with a privately retained attorney?

The Louisiana State Bar Association takes complaints against attorneys, investigates those complaints, and prosecutes/disciplines attorneys. For more information on how the State Bar can help, visit their website at www.lsba.org.

What is an arraignment?

The arraignment is a hearing in court in which the defendant is formally charged with an offense, given a copy of the complaint, and informed of his/her constitutional rights. The defendant enter a plea of guilty or not guilty at this hearing.

What is a preliminary hearing?

The preliminary hearing is not a trial. It is a hearing in court at which witnesses testify and the judge decides if there is enough evidence to require the defendant to stand trial. The jury is not present; the judge alone makes the decision.

Where do I find a list of email addresses for all District Attorney employees?

For security reasons, none are provided. If you would like to contact an employee, there is a general inquiry link on this web site. Include your name and return email address and be as specific as possible.

How do I find what employment opportunities exist in your office?

The District Attorney’s Office uses Career Adventures when searching to fill clerical positions. You should contact Career Adventures about these openings. If you are interested in a job as an investigator or assistant district attorney you should mail your resume to the Caddo Parish District Attorney, 501 Texas St., Shreveport, LA 71101.

Can I talk to James E. Stewart, Sr.? I think he is the person who is working on my case.

Mr. James E. Stewart, Sr. is the District Attorney of Caddo Parish and, as such, his name appears on most court documents and office correspondence. If you are the defendant in a case, you must speak with YOUR attorney; it is against the policy of our office to discuss a case with a defendant. If you are a victim/witness in the case contact our Victim Assistance Section at 226-5904.

If I miss work to testify, will the district attorney pay for my loss in wages?

No. Witnesses must go to court to testify about matters that they have knowledge. It is a civic duty imposed upon all citizens in order to insure a just and fair judicial system.

I was the victim of a violent crime. Will the D.A.’s Office pay for my hospital bill and my lost wages? Will the D.A.’s Office help me collect for pain and suffering?

The D.A.’s Office does not help, in a financial way, the victim’s of crime. Please see our Victim Assistance section for these answers.

If I get a subpoena do I have to go to court?

Yes, you must go to court. If you fail to do so, the judge may impose a fine or jail sentence. Be sure to bring your subpoena to court.

Where do I find information on child support? Who can I talk to about wages garnished for child support?

For information pertaining to Child Support, contact our Child Support Division at 318.226.6871 or click here.

How can I recover losses from a bad check?

The District Attorney’s Bad Check Restitution Program may help recover losses from a bad check. Please visit the program’s web page for more information.

I want some information about getting a divorce from my spouse and getting custody of my child, can your office help me?

The District Attorney’s office deals only with criminal matters. Contact a private attorney.

I am the victim of domestic violence and need to know how to file a complaint.

Follow this link to our Domestic Violence section.

I am the victim of a crime and I want to drop charges against the defendant. Can I drop the charges?

Contact our Victim Assistance Program Coordinators at 226-5904.

How can I get a Peace Bond against someone?

Contact City Court at 673-5240.

I was a victim of a crime. Can you tell me the defendant’s next court date?

We can provide you this information if we have filed charges against the defendant. To obtain this information contact our Victim Assistance Section at 226-5904.