Human Sex Trafficking Diversion

Exit Strategy: Caddo Parish District Attorney’s Office Sex Industry Diversion Program

The program is offered in conjunction with Purchased: Not for Sale, a program under the direction of the founder of HUB: Urban Ministries.

The goal of Exit Strategy is to divert individuals with criminal charges related to the sex industry, i.e. Prostitution, out of the criminal justice system and into an intensive treatment program that transforms a sex worker from a victim into an independent and successful individual with a permanent place to live, an education, job and life skills and legitimate gainful employment outside of the sex industry.

Who Qualifies?

Female defendants with non-violent sex industry related criminal charges — i.e. prostitution (of any degree). In general,those with a Pandering charge will not qualify, but those cases may be reviewed on an individual basis.

Program Guidelines:

Qualified participants may be identified by Assistant District Attorneys and individuals doing outreach specific to the program inside CCC. Once a potential diversion candidate is identified, their file will be sent to Holly McGinness for review. If the individual is a good candidate for the program, Holly will sign the individual up for the program, keep track of the defendant’s file, and monitor the defendant’s progress while she is completing the program. The defendant, if incarcerated at CCC, will be ROR’d with the special condition that she report to the Purchased Program Facility within 48 hours of release. Inside her belongings at CCC she will find a program packet and a bus pass so that she can get to the program facility. If the defendant does not report within 48 hours of release, then a bench warrant will be issued with no bond and her case will be referred back to criminal court. If the defendant absconds from the program, then a bench warrant will be issued with no bond and her case will be referred back to criminal court.

After successful completion of the 4 phase intensive program which takes about 1 year to complete, the defendants charge is to be dismissed.

Purchased: Not for Sale Program

Length: 18 months to 1 year

Program Purpose:

Purchased: Not for Sale is a recovery program for women leaving the sex industry (exotic dancing, prostitution, pornography…etc.). It takes a holistic approach at addressing all facets of needed recovery from the trauma, addiction, and abuse that most women in the industry face.

Program Focus Point:

  • Drug recovery/Substance Abuse Therapy
  • Mental Health and Counseling Services
  • Trauma Specific Counseling Services
  • Medical Treatment and Care
  • Education (GED or college)

Link to Purchased: Not for Sale Website