Sex Industry Diversion


Caddo Parish District Attorney’s Office Sex Industry Diversion Program

Female defendants with non-violent sex industry related criminal charges including, but not limited to, prostitution of any degree, are eligible for the Caddo Parish District Attorney’s Office Sex Industry Diversion Program. The program utilizes a holistic approach to address the trauma, addiction, and abuse that women in the sex industry commonly face.

The goal of EXIT STRATEGY is to divert females with criminal charges related to the sex industry out of the criminal justice system.  The 4 phase intensive program works to transform participants from a victim of the sex industry to an independent, whole and successful woman with a permanent place to live, an education, life skills and gainful employment outside of the sex industry. Participants will receive services such as basic medical treatment, mental health and counseling services and substance abuse treatment. The then former sex industry worker’s charge(s) will be dismissed after successful completion of the program.

EXIT STRATEGY is offered in conjunction with Purchased: Not for Sale—a recovery program for women leaving the sex industry. The program is facilitated under the direction of The HUB: Urban Ministries.