Traffic Pretrial Diversion


The Office of the District Attorney offers a Traffic Pretrial Diversion program that could reduce your moving violation ticket to a non-moving violation, possibly keeping the ticket from affecting your vehicle insurance. This program is open only to those who meet certain requirements. You would not be eligible to participate if, for example, you received a ticket for any speed 16 mph over the speed limit or higher, if you have had a DWI conviction in the last 3 years, have a pending felony charge in Caddo District Court, or have had multiple violations in the last 2 years. Due to Louisiana law, CDL license drivers are not eligible for the Traffic Pretrial Diversion program.

To complete this program you must first submit an enrollment request form. Once your request is approved, you must pay a $110 non-refundable fee to the Caddo Parish District Attorney, complete an approved driving school, and then pay a non-moving offense fine amount ($213) to the Caddo Parish Sheriff’s Office. When these requirements are met, your charge will be reduced to a non-moving violation which will not appear on your driving record for insurance purposes. Note that  the $213 amended fine amount payable to the Caddo Parish Sheriff’s Office  may not necessarily be a lesser amount than the fine of your original ticket.

Offenders who fail to comply with the requirements of the program will be immediately discharged from the program and the original fine will be due on the due date.

It is not necessary to request an extension if you are submitting a request to be considered for the traffic pretrial diversion program or if you are already enrolled in the program. Participants of the Traffic Pretrial program have 25 business days from the date of enrollment to complete the program and therefore do not need an extension.

If you would like to be considered for the Traffic Pretrial Diversion Program, click here to submit an enrollment request form. Do not submit a Pretrial Request, an Extension Request, or a Court Request for a ticket issued for DWI, DUS or any other non-payable offense. You will be notified at the address on the ticket with instructions for those offenses. Juvenile offenders (16 year of age or younger) should contact Juvenile Traffic Coordinator at 318-226-6772.

You will receive an email confirming that we have received your request. You will also be notified by email, once we have reviewed your request, as to whether you have been accepted for the program. Please note that, depending on which agency issued your ticket, it could take our office up to 30 days to receive your ticket. Our office must have received your ticket before any determination can be made regarding your request for enrollment in the Traffic Pretrial Diversion Program.

Do not attend a driving school without confirmation (via email or letter) that you have been accepted into the Traffic Pretrial Diversion Program.