Appellate Division


The Appellate Division is dedicated to fulfilling the mission of the Caddo Parish District Attorney’s Office while providing the following functions:

  • The Appeals & Post-Conviction Function
  • The Function of Legal Advisor
  • The Function of Public Records Custodian
  • The Function of Law Library Maintenance

Each assistant and each support staff member in the Appellate Division strives to serve the office in protecting criminal convictions as well as shaping the law through sound legal advice, high quality appeals, responses to post-conviction relief applications and federal habeas corpus writs, as well as arguments and evidentiary hearings.

Public Records Request

All requests for public records must be made in writing upon the provided form. Providing accurate contact information for the requesting party is especially critical. The completed form can be tendered to the custodian of public records via:

  1. Hand delivery to 525 Marshall Street – 4th Floor, Shreveport, Louisiana,
  2. Mail or commercial carrier to:
    Caddo Parish District Attorney’s Office
    Suzanne Ellis, Public Records Custodian
    501 Texas Street, 5th Floor
    Shreveport, LA 71101
  3. Facsimile to Suzanne Ellis, Public Records Custodian at (318) 629-4300, or
  4. Email to

When a request is sent by email, a return email indicating that the request has been received will be sent by office personnel during office hours. The return email will serve as proof of delivery of the request. For requests sent by hand delivery, mail or commercial carrier, and facsimile, office personnel will time-stamp the request when it is received. This procedure will be followed in all cases to insure compliance with statutory deadlines and uniformity of access.

After receipt of the request, the public records custodian will determine the existence and availability of the record and whether the record is public within the parameters of the Public Records Act. When copies of public records are requested, responses will be mailed or tendered in person to requesting parties within statutory deadlines after payment in full of costs for copies. When the requesting party only seeks to examine the record, access will be provided at the Marshall Street address listed above.

Questions about public records requests may be directed to Suzanne Ellis or Kelly Brown at (318) 429-7618.