Criminal Division

The Caddo Parish Court is the First Judicial District Court of Louisiana. All adult First Judicial District Court cases are heard at the Caddo Parish Courthouse, 501 Texas Street, Shreveport, Louisiana.

The Caddo Parish District Court Judges have divided their criminal cases into five sections:

Section 1 is Judge Don Hathaway, Jr. Our District Attorney Section 1 office number is 226-6828, Section Chief is Jason Waltman;
Section 2 is Judge John Mosely. Our District Attorney Section 2 office number is 226-6829, Section Chief is Courtney Ray;
Section 3 is Judge Chris Victory. Our District Attorney Section 3 office number is 226-6832, Section Chief is Sam Crichton;
Section 4 is Judge Ramona Emanuel. Our District Attorney Section 4 office number is 226-6877, Section Chief is Brittany Arvie

Section 5 is Judge Erin Leigh Waddell-Garrett. Our District Attorney Section 5 office number is 226-6965, Section Chief is Ross Owen.

Caddo Parish First Assistant District Attorney is Laura Fulco. She can be reached at 318-226-6972

*Note: The Shreveport City Court is located at 1244 Texas Avenue, Shreveport, Louisiana. Please call the Shreveport City Clerk of Criminal Court for information regarding a case that is set in that court 673-5830. Please contact the Caddo Parish Clerk’s Office 226-6780 for any further information regarding court dates or records.