Human Trafficking

Did you know that 1 in 6 runaways will likely become a victim to human trafficking? Human trafficking is a billion dollar industry that preys on the vulnerable and presumptively weak. Human trafficking exists when individuals are bought and sold for forced labor or for commercial sex. Hundreds of thousands of victims in the United States, including over 100,000 children, are estimated to be at risk every year for commercial sexual exploitation.

Although human trafficking is a global problem, The Caddo Parish District Attorney’s Office Human Trafficking Division is working to end human trafficking in North Louisiana. The Human Trafficking Division works closely with members of local law enforcement, non-profits and focus groups to identify victims of human trafficking and those at risk of being trafficked in an effort to prosecute those who engage in human trafficking and exploit others for profit. The District Attorney’s Office also serves on FREE: The Coalition to End Human Trafficking in Northwest Louisiana and the Human Trafficking Task Force organized by Caddo Parish Juvenile Services.

Human trafficking exists because there is a high demand for the abused. Traffickers use violence as well as physical and psychological manipulation to sexually exploit their victims. Signs that someone you know may be exploited include, but are not limited to, a history of sexual and physical abuse, substantial unexplained absences from school, large amounts of unexplained cash and the appearance of being withdrawn, checked out and/or depressed. These predators know that victims of human trafficking have unmet physical and emotional needs and use that information to their advantage.

Our partners in the fight to end human trafficking include Purchased: Not for Sale, Project Celebration, Gingerbread House—Bossier/Caddo Children’s Advocacy Center and the Jewell House. But what about you? Will you join the fight to end human trafficking? Call (318) 295-0060 if you believe that you have information about someone who may have fallen victim to human trafficking.

Let’s bring our children home. Together.