Sex Crimes

For citizens living in the city limits of Shreveport, the Shreveport Police Department is the first stop to report a criminal offense, including a sex crime. If a person lives outside the city limits, the Caddo Sheriff’s Office is the appropriate agency to contact. The Caddo Office of Community Services, a state agency, works in conjunction with the DA and local law enforcement to investigate allegations of physical or sexual abuse by in-home perpetrators.

The DA’s Sex Crime Unit is also tasked with the responsibility of working with local and state law enforcement to assure compliance with Louisiana’s Sex Offender Registry Laws. The Louisiana State Police maintain a website of currently- registered sex offenders. Klaas Kids maintains a website that answers general questions about who must register. To report suspected sex offenders who are not registered, contact the Sex Crimes Division of the Shreveport Police Department (318-673-6955) or the Investigations Division of the Caddo Parish Sheriff’s Office, (318-681-0700).